Oak Floors: When Only the Best Will Do

When considering a hardwood floor for new home construction or up-grading the interior or existing homes or office buildings, oak is often the number one choice selected. Overall, oak floors are the number one hardwood flooring material selected in North America compared to all other hardwood flooring materials available. Where oak may be white, black, or red, these floors compliment and coincide with any interior design preferences providing a more uniform look throughout the home or office.

Generally pale brown in color, oak darkens with age, enhancing the overall appearance of oak floors with respect to the age of the material. For hardwood flooring installations, there are two types of oak flooring material that are typically used in hardwood flooring installations in personal residences and commercial office spaces; red and white oak. Red oak, the most commonly preferred hardwood flooring material for personal residences, is reddish in color with a warm and unique texture that makes red oak hardwood flooring a perfect decorative flooring material. With a grain pattern that is more pronounced than white oak, red oak floors are somewhat softer in density and hardness than white oak, however retain overall beauty with light maintenance year after year.

The purity of white oak, with beautiful imbedded grains and high-lighted areas, works extremely well in bedrooms, dining areas adding significant drama. Making the rooms appear larger than actual size, white oak floors reflect light into the darkest corner of any room however may be susceptible to direct sunlight over prolonged periods of time. Installation of oak is not recommended for bathrooms or any room with high moisture content, such as mud rooms. Often used in kitchens, oak resists stains, denting, scratching and spills, with no infiltration of liquids into the flooring material. Available in a variety of species, colors and finishes, red and white oak floors offer versatility and endurance requiring no replacement when properly installed.

Available from un-finished, to pre-finished, to solid and engineered, these floors are affordable for any income level while providing beauty and quality to the interior of the home or office, with lasting durability, dependability with superior quality. Average costs range from $4-$8 per square foot depending on grade selected. Both white and red oak are available in four grades including: clear, No 1, common oak, No 2, common oak and short oaks. The higher the grade will constitute an additional cost per square foot.

Oak floors can be installed in an either, glued, nailed or “floating floor” manner to adapt to any particular flooring installation location. Although installation of the “strips oak floors” is normally nailed down requiring the expertise of professional installers, four-inch, pre-finished engineered oak floor planks are installed in a click-snap, tongue and groove manner that can be accomplished by homeowners in less than a day depending on the size of the room. The click-snap manner of installation saves additional funds on professional installation charges and has gained significant popularity of both home and business owners alike.

Oak floors have been installed in homes for centuries, with continuance to be the most widely selected material when purchasing hardwood flooring material. Above all others, they reign supreme in quality, overall beauty and affordability that cannot be denied. When considering hardwood floors for personal homes or commercial applications, consider oak when only the best will do.