The Great Flooring Cover Up!

Have you just installed nice new flooring and are you possibly looking for something to protect your hardwood flooring? Sisal rugs are inexpensive and interesting! A sisal rug will give your modern furniture a nice neat surface and as well will make a good unifying background for a mixture of new and old pieces. Sisal can be dyed or colored but usually comes in natural colors. Dust and dirt usually fall through a sisal rug and they need to be lifted up when it comes time to clean them.

This remarkably versatile rug goes over most flooring types including laminate flooring, hardwood flooring and many other types. Because sisal rugs are made from plant fibers, they come in natural colors like light yellow, beige, and cream and some will have a red tinge to them. One thing to strive for if you’re looking for a true sisal rug is to find one that is as near to pure white as possible as this is considered to be the most natural. Many manufacturers stock alternative color options, but these sisal rugs are usually dyed.

Sisal rugs are made from the leaves of the “Agave Sisalana” plant which is cultivated mostly in Central America but elsewhere as well. Because Sisal fibers are usually coarse, other materials such as cotton and wool are often added to produce a more comfortable and softer rug. Since dirt naturally falls through the thick weave, this type of rug is perfect for use on tile or hardwood flooring. East African sisal rugs are woven in Belgium and are highly regarded as the best type of sisal rug to buy due to its long fiber and consistent coloring. If you are looking for an extremely hard-wearing rug, then this is definitely something you should consider when it comes to covering up your hardwood flooring.